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Tattoo Booking Tallinn is a vibrant studio in Estonia's capital, featuring six skilled tattoo artists. Known for their diverse styles, the artists at this studio offer a range of creative and customized tattoo designs. The studio prioritizes a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring clients feel comfortable while getting their unique pieces of art.
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Tattoo Artist in Tallinn
Tattoo Artist in Tallinn
Tattoo Artist in Tallinn
Tattoo artist Anton has been tattooing for over 5 years and has developed his own style. you can see the works on instagram.

Artist Vasyl! Who have been a tattoo artist for 2.5 years. He's tattoo career started from Poland and after in Ukraine. This summer 2023 he moved to Tallinn! Vasyl: "A few words about my tattoo style. I like lines, graphic shadows, lettering, japanese and occult ideas I'm open minded artist and ready to create tattoo from your idea, turn sketches and pictures to our own created project.
I can always find inspiration in nature, mountains, melancholic music and Beksinski, Giger artworks and other artists.
Tattoo Artist in Tallinn
Ksenia likes to do graphic works and black and white designs.Practicing fine line, simple lines and goes into details.
Ksiena creates a friendly atmosphere and cares about every customer.

We are looking for new tattoo artist in tallinn!
We are currently looking for 4 new tattoo artists. If you are a master of your field and take your work seriously - fill out the contact form and we will contact you!

Tatiana is a beginner and has been tattooing for less than 1 year. Smaller jobs can be handled beautifully and from time to time it also does medium-sized jobs approx. 15-20cm
Tattoo Artist in Tallinn
Lisbeth is a young tattoo artist and has done
tattoos for 2 years. She has his own style and the work comes out beautiful and straight.
Tattoo Artist in Tallinn
I do graphic tattoos, love to do old school tattoos, and practice doing color tattoos. I can draw a sketch based on the client's idea or add something of my own to the existing sketch. I can conduct a free consultation to determine the exact wishes of the client. I will choose the right care for the tattoo in order to preserve it for as long as possible. I maintain a friendly atmosphere during the session.

Works done
All works are made according to artist's sketches or photos provided by customers. We strive to transform each piece into something unique for the client.
More information about the works can be found on Instagram
An account where you can view our latest work and sign up for a session.
Works Done
Kõik tööd on tehtud klientide poolt toodud jooniste põhjal. Üritame iga joonistusele ja kavandile teha sellised muudatused ,et töö oleks individuaalne ja unikaalne
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Tatiana is very good, thank you very much)
Thanks Reet! I am very satisfied with the work)
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